Company Detectives, services for businesses

Business protection

  1. Industrial counterespionage. Avoid leakage of information and industrial espionage.
  2. Patents and trademarks. Misappropriation and forgery. Protect your patents and trademarks. Avoid misappropriation and falsification of your ideas.
  3. Protection of the corporate image. Don't allow anyone to copy your image, don't let yourself be hurt by people who want to copy you.
  4. Computer fraud. Computer forensics. Protect yourself from computer fraud and leakage of information through the Internet.
  5. Exclusivity contracts. Enforce your exclusivity contracts and don't allow them to be bypassed.
  6. Surveillance of commercial networks. Watch your business, maximise your profits and improve your corporate image.
  7. Surveillance of franchises. If you are going to franchisee, prevent problems. If you are a franchisor, find out about your future franchisee first hand.
  8. Professional intrusion. Do something against intruders that makes unfair competition illegal. It is time to act.
  9. Quality control. Mystery Shopping. Monitor and control the operation of your business, even when you're not around.
  10. Social responsibility and business ethics defense.

Economic protection. Research on customers, suppliers and competitors

  1. Research on customers, suppliers and competitors. We investigate the payment behavior of customers and suppliers. We conduct business research.
  2. Solvency and insolvency. We locate debtors, we look for their properties, livelihood or notify them of the debt. Read our contractual payment services.
  3. Bankruptcy proceedings. Detect fraud in bankruptcy proceedings.
  4. Feigned insolvency. We investigate insolvencies that may seem unrealistic and alleged concealment of assets to obtain proof.

Physical and communications security

  1. Electronic Sweeps. Electronic Security. Protect yourself from industrial espionage and secure communications. Prevent information leaks.
  2. Computer security. Computer forensics. Avoid conscious or unconcious leakage of information via the Internet and new technologies.
  3. Safety Audits. Find out about the security of your organisation, so you can improve it and prevent any future problems.


  1. Information leaks. We protect the most important, the private information of your company.
  2. Feigned sick leave. We prove situations of feigned sick leave by employees.
  3. Employment history and reference checks. Pre-labour reports. Hire only the best, review work histories.
  4. Absenteeism. Performance. We investigate situations of absenteeism or reduced performance of workers.
  5. Non concurrency. Occupational duplicity. Unfair competition. Avoid situations of unfair competition from workers.
  6. Control of union delegates and employee representatives. We studied the possible abuse of the privileges of union delegates and employee representatives.
  7. Drunkenness or drug addiction in the company. Prove drunkenness or drug addiction of your workers, which has a negative effect on productivity.
  8. Shoplifting and internal theft. Avoid internal burgulary and theft, decrease unknown losses.
  9. Other fraud, corruption, threats, extortion, blackmail. We avoid any type of fraud, corruption, threats, blackmail, etc.
  10. Recovery of kickbacks. We investigate the possible recovery of kickbacks which can benefit any worker.

Mutual insurers and insurance companies

  1. Services for mutual insurers and insurance companies. Catologue of services for mutual insurers and insurance companies.

Litigation support

  1. Ligitation support. Legal advice on lawsuits. Before, during and after the proceedings