Services for individuals

Civil scope

  1. Family relationships with the company. Adopt an active position and avoid problems in your family business.
  2. Urban leases. We obtain evidence of irregularities that may arise in urban rental contracts.
  3. Concealment of assets. We locate debtors and the assets that they must use for their debt before it's too late.
  4. Detection and investigation of defaulters. We find your defaulting debtors and charge them for unpaid debts.


  1. Infidelity.
  2. Food and alimony.
  3. Child custody and visitation.
  4. Questionable behavior of children.
  5. Pre-marital reports.
  6. Investigation of acquaintances via the Internet.
  7. Addiction, drugs, compulsive gambling and extravagance.
  8. Cults.
  9. Locating people.
  10. Suspicions about domestic service.
  11. Abuse of children and the elderly.
  12. Anonymous people, coercion, blackmail and threats.
  13. Inheritance.
  14. DNA analysis.
  15. Gender based violence.

Other services

  1. Advice on legal processes. We gather the necessary evidence and advise you, so that you get a favourable ruling.
  2. Frauds in student education. We detect irregularities in the enrollment of students.