Private Detective in Spain: Magna Detectives

Magna Detectives is a Spanish company dedicated to private investigation. Our agency is lead by a qualified private detective, with qualifications as a private detective awarded by the University of Salamanca, with License No. 2543 of the Register of Private Detectives of the Ministry of the Interior (Police Department). Similarly, all employees of Magna Detectives have the necessary authorization.

Our services are available to individuals and businesses, to advise in any conflict that may be affecting them. Our sole mission is to resolve their concerns.

From individuals who simply request a quote, to the customers who finally engage our services, every client needs and seeks personal involvement from their private detective. What for the private detective can just be one more investigation, for the client is always a unique problem.. Therefore, we aim to treat all problems as such, making the client, their situation and their personal peace of mind our primary concern, offering all the legal and personal advice needed at any moment.

Total involvement, professionalism in our service, and a reasonable price; these are guaranteed when you place your trust in Magna Detectives. You and your peace of mind will be our main concern.

Magna Detectives.

Licensed Private Detective No. 2543 of the Ministry of Interior. Director of Security - License No. 8252 Ministry of Interior.

Professional Expertise: Psychographology, Calligraphy Expertise and Document Examination (UNED 2013).

Postgraduate Diploma in Economic Crime Investigation and Prevention of Financial (UNED 2012).

Specialist Postgraduate Diploma in Security (University of Salamanca 2010).

MAGNA Detectives is a member of Professional Association of Private Detectives of Spain (APDPE). Member No. 758.

We collaborate with the following organizations and universities:

Universidad de Salamanca - Ciencias de la Seguridad