Our work begins as soon as you present your case and request a quote. From that moment, we will keep you informed and will provide a free no-obligation quote. The meeting can be arranged in our own offices, or in a more convenient place in order to safeguard your confidentiality and discretion.

In this initial meeting, we objectively analyse the situation, taking into account the legal and personal aspects and the ultimate goal of the investigation. We then provide a quote for your particular situation and outline how we propose to develop the investigation.

If you decide to hire our services, we will then sign a confidential contract of provision of services, in which the details of the service are specified, as well as our legal information.

This guarantees that our actions will remain strictly legal, which is an advantage for you.

To formalize the contract, you must deposit a provision of funds with us, from which we will deduct the final cost of the investigation. You should provide us with all the information and details about the situation or person to be investigated.

We will initiate and develop the investigation based on the budget that was set-out, keeping you informed of any progress. During the investigation, only private detectives who have the necessary authorization will participate.

Following the investigation, we will provide a detailed report of services rendered, which is confidential and may be used before judges and courts. Furthermore, where there is need to submit our report before a judge or court, we will attend the trial in order to ratify it.

At all times we will provide you with any legal or personal advice you need, garantizándole seguridad, discreción y resolutividad.